Farmed fish species


From black bass to trophy carp, we have the most sought after sizes and species of fish.

25 years of experience, great care and indepth knowledge of the origin and quality of our fish all go to make the Gaingaudrie an example of the very best practice in the fish farming industry.

The most popular species we sell are black bass, perch and tench.

Although we do not raise trout in our own pools, we can offer trout for restocking thanks to our partnership with specialised fish farms.

Trophy carp (from approx. 12 to 21 kg)

The most highly prized catch of line fishing, we raise the finest trophy carp in our fish pools. Please contact us if you require live carp for a fishing competition or for a fishing trip with friends.


Average volume per species per year

Black bass 320 kg
Pike 1800 kg
Carp 7000 kg
Trophy carp 1500 kg
Sturgeon 47 kg
Roach 15000 kg
Gudgeon 38 kg
Perch 300 kg
Pike-perch 1200 kg
Tench 2500 kg
Trout and salmon 2000 kg

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